What is DMIT?

Yes, simply, it is an intelligent step. A step that evolves, guides and leads our lives. To understand DMIT specifically, we must know it is an acronym of ‘Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test’. This is a route to understand capabilities and insights of your brain through biometric evaluation. X-Ray or other scanner scans your body, assesses and presents the report. Similarly, DMIT works but on varied parameters. It scans ‘I’ in you and reports on capabilities and weakness of that individual ‘I’. Dermatoglyphic consists two individual words i.e. ‘Derma’ stands for Skin and ‘Glyphic’ stands for ridge patterns on skin. So, it can be stated as DMIT is a scientific study of finger print patterns. Medical researches proved that the formation of fingerprints on external ectoderm or skin outsets takes 13 weeks of growing phase and fully develop at 19th week from birth. DMIT has strong base of life, applied and behavioural science. 

Milestones of DMIT

An Intelligent Step

It’s interesting to discover and explore ‘I’, isn’t it? If we know about ourselves, our capabilities, strengths, areas of improvement and areas of concerns, definitely, it will be helpful in designing our life sketch more interestingly and success-focused.  DMIT is all about our two sides of brain i.e. left brain and right brain. DMIT assesses and understands the dispersal of neurons in the left and right brain and recognizes where the innate potential lies. DMIT studies the ridge skin patterns imprinted on your fingers, palms, toes and soles. Subsequently, it endorses and reveals your unique physical, developmental, intellectual, emotional potentials. DMIT specifies accurate facts of every single individual.  Everyone has unique, different and unmatched skin imprints. Researchers and scientists have been able to determine a genetic correlation between these patterns and an individual’s traits and flairs. It helps in:

  • Identifying capabilities and flaws
  • Producing favourable environment for progress
  • Suppling requisite push for betterment
  • Executing overall analysis
  • Recommending guidelines

Check your eligibility

DMIT is also applicable even at the age of 4 days after birth. A person who is born and belongs to any age group can have explore it and discover himself/herself. Need of ‘DMIT is not just for kids. DMIT is beneficial for toddlers to adults. Every individual’s palms and soles have matchless and distinct alternating ridges and grooves imprints. This uniqueness reveals your abilities, likings, behaviour, attitude, capabilities, drawbacks and so on.DMIT works on different age groups as we mentioned below

Toddlers (Age 0 to 3)

You, as a parent or guardian, believe that ‘My baby is the best gift, I have ever received’. Every parent overwhelmed and caring with this thought. Just think, ‘How much have I understood my kid to give best-fit care and upbringing?’ Understanding kid’s brain is foremost step to decide anything for your kid. As a parent, if you can identify capabilities of your kid, you can provide best of nurturing environment to your kid. ‘One who cares for sprout, get better results in future.’ DMIT is the medium that gives insight to understand your child and decide the best for future.

Children (Age 4 to 12)

‘Your mind always believes everything you tell’.  It is the age where kids are mostly influenced by their surroundings. You need to be very choosy in selecting environment. If, you enable to provide secured and fruitful surrounding to your child, it will be the utmost gift from your end. Now the question is, how to make decision in this age? Is it right time? Yes, indeed. It is the accurate time. Just, to know your child, to understand his/her social, emotional, intellectual needs, to guide towards set goal of life. Being the best parent, with the help of DMIT, you can nurture your child. DMIT not only supports to identifying the needs but offers counselling sessions for further integrations.

Teenagers (Age 13 to 19)

‘I create my life, the way I desire’. This used to be the approach of teenagers. Yet they are not well versed with demands of life. You, as a parent, need to be a good friend, guide and philosopher to your child. It is required that child must share their routine good or bad experience with you. And you need to give them better direction to face those hazards. It is only possible, if you are aware about your child’s personality traits. DMIT helps you in knowing all personality traits of your child.

Youngsters (Age 20 to 25)

‘I need a space’, this is the approach of youngster. You need to define term ‘SPACE’. ‘What do I need?’, ‘What should I do?’, ‘What should to be left and What should be kept?’. It is the necessity to be aware of own strengths and weaknesses. This phase of life expects to select a right career option and excel in it. Choosing career is critical path and needs always support in decision making. Therefore, DMIT is supporting tool for decision making. One can take concrete decision based on self-strength and weakness analysis.

Adults (Age 26 onwards)

We come across mixed experiences during our career life. Sometime, we are appreciated and sometime criticized. What makes us appreciated or criticized? It is important to know where we are best and where we need to improve. We should have always growing path of career. How do you get it? DMIT is tool which will portrait your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you to devise your career enhancement plan. 

Professionals and DMIT

Professional growth is constant progression and it is expected to have update knowledge and understanding of the chosen field. Every effort goes in vain if you chose wrong profession. Your professional development counts with personal maturity, happiness, job satisfaction and economical contentment. To identify our exact professional strength and field DMIT boost us up. It recognises and analyses your Multiple Intelligences and inborn potential fit for right profession to achieve extreme success.

How does DMIT works?

We all have inborn noticeable or hidden strengths and weaknesses. If we can identify them early, we can easily focus on developing our strengths and overcoming weaknesses. DMIT is recommended to everyone irrespective to age, gender and profession. Whether you are new born, teen, adult, student, parents, in relationship, married, working or non-working, DMIT provides you authentic analysis and further guidelines for your better future.