Child Development Program

Child Development Program (CDP)

Child Development Program

Parents are always curious and worried about the growth and development of their child’s future. We, at Brain Masters recognised the needs of counselling and orientation for child’s right path development so we promote and recommend ‘Child Development Programme’ (CDP). CDP is continuous program which you can opt after going through DMIT. After recognising the capabilities of a child, Brain Master’s support you in deciding goal for your child. Ultimately, you can motivate, encourage and boost the child towards decided goal setting with the help of Brain Master’s.

Need Under the age of fourteen the child easily gets influenced by negative or positive consequences of social atmosphere and structure. CDP is the need that guides you towards measures and precaution for your child’s proper upbringing. This phase predictable as critical to the development of neural pathways that lead to linguistic, cognitive and socio-emotional capacities that are also forecasters child’s future outcomes. Lack of tender interaction, unhealthy domestic issues, malnutrition, and inadequate nurturing have long term increasing and severe consequences.


With Brain Master’s, cherish happy childhood of your kid since we assist you in:

  • Thrive and grow opportunities
  • Learn and explore
  • Build curiosity into inspiration
  • Self-confidence
  • Nurture individual’s strengths
  • Flourish social skills
  • Creating learning environment
  • Motivation and required push
  • Fearless companionship with you


Brain Master’s cares for your child’s future and plans with following components under CDP;

  • Yearly Development Planner
  • One – to – One Counselling Session with Parents
  • Workshops for Parents
  • Exclusive Liking and Capabilities-based Workshops for Kids


  • Understand child’s innate personality
  • Recognises kid’s weaknesses
  • Right approach of upbringing
  • Prolific environment for overall development
  • Strengthen bonding with parents
  • Team spirit development
  • Happy and enjoyable childhood
  • Boosts self confidence