Institutional Development Program

Institutional Development Program (IDP)

Institutional Development ProgramBrain Master’s recommended ‘Institutional Development Programmes’ for every academic and training institutions for betterment. Each institution sets goal, may be annually or long term. These goals are basically for curricular and co-curricular performance. Achievements in these areas are equally important for institutions. It gives recognition to the institution. Every parent, every student always goes with the institution that has more acknowledgements in both of these areas. Institutions staff and students are the key contributors to these achievements.  Understanding capabilities of each staff member and student is essentially important for institution to reach the target. We are there to assist you to set and fulfil your institutional prospective and vision through ‘It Worked’ aspect.



Reaching the set goal is the prime motto of each activity at academic or training institutions. Right person at right place increases chances of get desired result. Institution Development Program is designed to understand right person for particular activity. We, Brain Master’s, help you in setting institutional goal, understanding each individual capability, executive individual improvement plan, etc.


Brain Masters apply evolutionary pattern in Institutional Development Program. The basic aim is to set balance between your vision and efforts taken by institution without any compromise. We stipulate academic and training institutions one stop solution right from planning process to tracking target achievement.

  • (Re)Defining Institutional Objectives
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Familiar with institutional strengths and pitfalls
  • Role and responsibility distributing strategy
  • Set balance between institutional and social responsibilities
  • Deals with risk management
  • Generate self-motivated staff and students/participants
  • Local to global recognition


  • Strengthening individual and team capabilities
  • Perfect implementation planning
  • Mentoring, encouraging, and motivating
  • Improved staff retention
  • Employee and student satisfaction
  • Build credibility and loyalty of resources
  • Reenergise staff and students/participants
  • Assign proper leadership to get productivity
  • Local to global recognition