Youth Development Program

Youth Development Program (YDP)

Youth Development Program

At Brain Master’s, we understand the progression that prepares a youth to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood. We encourage youth to move towards career selection. Brain Masters’ Youth Development Program enhance the inner potential through activities and one hand experience. It will boost to cultivate social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and ethical competencies among youth. As we track the secrete of Six Cs of Confidence, Competence, Connection, Caring, Contribution and Character.


The age between fourteen (14) to twenty-five (25) is the game changer phase in human life. All of us have gone through this phase and now it’s a turn of your kids. They must need someone as a pathfinder and as a friend. It is the journey from teenage to adulthood. Being parent, it is equally crucial phase for you also. Various physical, mental, emotional, and hormonal changes arise that creates curiosity, confusion and conflicts in the mind of youth. Affecting and effecting circumstances of family, society, and institution build or destroy the goals of youth. You need to plan very carefully and be prepared for this phase and support your young champ to be the best. DMIT followed by Youth Development Program is recommended for accurate guidance and counselling to step towards youth’s career selection and overall development. This phase anticipated calibres and capacities that interpreters career selection and success.


With Brain Master’s, sketch your target according to your interest and innate potentials. Youth Development Programme motivates and promotes comprehensive developmental, educational, neurocognitive, emotional, social values. It reduces the risky behaviour, provide a wise, controlled environment and strengthen bonding of youth with working or non-working parents. As we assist you through this programme:

  • Segregate interest and intelligence
  • Selection of subject and stream
  • Identify developmental need and challenges
  • Promotion and prevention strategy
  • Guideline to assured career
  • Cognitive and Academic competencies
  • Self-efficacy and determination
  • Positive identity and confidence


Brain Master’s cares for your young champ’s future and plans with following components under YDP;

  • Yearly Development Planner
  • One – to – One Counselling Session with Parents
  • Image-building Workshops for Youngster
  • Exclusive Liking and Capabilities-based Workshops for Youngster


  • Develop positive approach
  • Understand innate strengths, and weaknesses
  • Customize learning habits
  • Self-esteem, skills and proficiencies
  • Identify developmental needs
  • Build and boost confidence
  • Self-discipline and time management
  • Determination towards career selection and setting